Games For Windows Live 3.5.50

Chat with other players via voice or text in games such as MMOs and Dark Souls

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    Windows 2000 / Windows Vista / Windows XP

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    6.1 (223)

Games for Windows Live is a gaming platform similar to Xbox Live. However, this platform is designed specifically for Windows desktop computers. The platform has been around for quite some time, and recently several of the more popular games have left the platform. Users still find the platform helpful since it allows them to access certain games that require the system, and there is still a small social networking feature that is quite similar to the network used by Xbox Live.

Perhaps the most alluring feature of Games for Windows Live is the powerful multiplayer feature. The system is quite adept at balancing game types and providing matchmaking services that will keep players engaged and growing. Players can use voice and text chat with players they have recently played with in matchmaking, and there are some other basic social network features like adding friends. There are few games on the system that still support this feature, but it is crucial to those who use it.

While the matchmaking is quite superb, there is almost no chance of being able to play with your friends in matchmaking. The system only allows players of similar skill and rating to play together since the system uses the same TrueSkill rating system employed by many Xbox Live games. This is optimal for creating balanced games, but less than ideal for fun games with friends. The platform also includes features similar to the GamerScore and Achievements found on Xbox Live. Overall, the Games for Windows Live platform is a solid PC gaming experience.


  • Runs GFWL games through the system
  • Includes a social networking feature
  • Achievement system that tracks game progress


  • No multiplayer with friends
  • Registration required to play

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